Lawrence Turton
I am a trainer from Cartoonsmart. I love to learn and teach in the graphic and web design area. I am also a developer coding css, html, php and javascript.
  • Web Design

    A Beginner’s Guide to Using Joomla

    7.7 hours
  • Design & Illustration

    OS X Application UI Design in Adobe Photoshop

    3.4 hours
  • Web Design

    Admin Interface Design and UI

    5.4 hours
  • Web Design

    Getting Started with Semantic UI

    5.7 hours
  • Web Design

    Flat UI Design and Development

    5.2 hours
  • Web Design

    Concrete5 Design & Development

    3.2 hours
  • Web Design

    Adobe Edge Reflow

    2.5 hours
  • Web Design

    CSS 3D Essentials

    4.5 hours
  • Web Design

    Adobe Muse CC Essentials

    6.2 hours
  • Web Design

    Web Design Workflow with Fireworks

    7.5 hours
  • Web Design
    Adobe Muse: Finishing Off Our DesignAdobe muse third retina
    Let's finish off our Adobe Muse project. We'll begin by looking at a mobile layout, before moving on to the export process which will get our files ready for publication to the web. Let's get on with it!Read More…
  • Web Design
    Adobe Muse: Taking Things FurtherAdobe muse second retina
    Moving on from our initial tutorial on Adobe Muse, let's now look at some extra features it offers. We'll also examine the way Adobe Muse works with other applications, such as Adobe Photoshop and Edge Animate. We'll be building on the files we created previously, so let's dive in!Read More…
  • Web Design
    Adobe Muse: Let's Build a Website Without Writing CodeAdobe muse intro retina
    Muse is one of Adobe's Creative Cloud applications aimed at building for the web. It specifically caters for designers with a print background, or those who simply don't have experience in coding. Muse's visual interface and tools allow users to design and deploy simple, static websites - so I'm going to show you exactly how that works.Read More…