Landon Schropp
I'm a developer, designer and entrepreneur based in Seattle. I'm passionate about building simple apps people love to use.
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    Let's Write a RubyMotion App: Part 2Preview image@2x
    In the first part of this tutorial, you learned how to set up and implement a RubyMotion application. In this tutorial, you'll learn about the Model-View-Controller or MVC design pattern and how you can use it to structure your application. You'll also implement a painting view and add a gesture recognizer that allows the user to draw on the screen. When you're done, you'll have a complete, fully-working application.Read More…
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    Let's Write a RubyMotion App: Part 1Preview image@2x
    RubyMotion is a framework that lets you build iOS applications in Ruby. It gives you all of the benefits of the Ruby language, but because the code you write is compiled to machine code, you gain all of the raw performance of developing in Objective-C. In this tutorial, you'll build a painting application from scratch. I'll show you how to incorporate Interface Builder into your workflow and how to properly test your application.Read More…