Kushagra Gour
I am an Indie Game developer and a Flash Evangelist. I also run a blog (http://kushagragour.in/blog), focusing primarily on Flash stuff.
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    Make a Tower Defense Game in AS3: Enemies and Basic AIMain image
    Hey Flash Developers, welcome to the second part of my Tower Defense Game tutorial. In the first part, we developed the basic mechanism of creating turrets and making them shoot towards the point of mouse click. But that's not what turrets are for! In this part we'll extend the game to include enemies, basic artificial intelligence (AI) in turrets, and some more game elements. Are you ready? Read More…
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    Make a Tower Defense Game in AS3: Aim and FireMain image
    Hey Flash developers! In this tutorial series we are going to go through the process of developing a very basic Tower Defense game. In this first part of the series, we'll learn how to deploy turrets on the game field, give them the ability to aim at an object (in this case, the mouse) and make them fire particles. Read More…
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    Carve Up a Video in Real Time With AS3Main image
    Hello, code freaks! This tutorial will show you how to split a running video into blocks as if it has exploded. And all this using just ActionScript. For this tutorial we'll use the camera as the video source, so you can see the changes live.Read More…