Korby Sears
Korby Sears has created original music, sound design, and voice-over production for over 10 years with his company Tejas Tunes, located in Seattle, WA. He has audio producer credit for over 50 products currently on the market in the realm of casual games, console games, iPhone apps, advertising, and toys. Clients include Microsoft, Oberon, Sierra, Ubisoft, Becker & Mayer, Cranium, Hasbro, Square Enix, Wunderman, Wexley SFG, and McGraw-Hill.
  • Music & Audio
    How to Create Concatenated Audio for Mobile AppsThumb
    The increase in production of mobile phone apps in the past 3 years has opened up some excellent opportunities for the commercial composer. Theme songs, music timers, UI hits and level music are now needed for all mobile apps, be they functional, informational, or game programs. However, mobile app production teams face the same challenge all software development teams do - that of limited real estate. But even worse: some mobile apps can be as small as 10MB - including all art assets, programming, and your audio. Read More…