Kin Yik Law
I'm a trained computer engineer. However I like to experiment with Phostoshop, Illustrator, After Effect, 3ds Max and Maya on my free time. I'm fascinated by motion graphics, visual effects, animations and 3D modeling. I'm more of a hobbyist than a professional. As much as I enjoy learning from the tutorials here, I'd also like to contribute to the community here with tips and techniques I know and learned. Hopefully, I can come up with more tips and techniques to share with you all in the future.
  • Design & Illustration
    Quick Tip: Create High Tech Style HUD Rings in IllustratorHud circles 200x200
    This Quick Tip tutorial will show you how to make high tech style HUD rings in Illustrator. The same effect can be easily achieved in Photoshop with "Polar Coordinate". However, "Polar Coordinate" is not available in Illustrator. So we will be using a different approach here to achieve the same effect. We will be using the pathfinder tool and creating Art Brushes. We then use the brushes we created to make the HUD rings.Read More…