Kevin Gater
I'm British, living in Sweden, heavily into VFX, Timelapse and DSLR video production. I'm a one man band trying to fake it as an orchestra.
  • Photo & Video

    Time-Lapse Video for Photographers

    2.5 hours
  • Photo & Video
    Trigger Time: Intervalometer Basics for Time-Lapse and Long Exposures Intervalometer thumbnail
    An intervalometer, or remote timer, is basically a way to take a sequence of many photographs automatically. You sometimes find this feature in your camera menu or you can use an external device.Read More…
  • 3D & Motion Graphics
    Create an Exposed Beating Heart EffectAetuts retina beating heart
    This is a walkthrough of the beating heart effect used on the short film Skifte, directed by Daniel Burman. Using a clip from the film, we will use Rotobrush and motion tracking to prepare the shot for our VFX. We will then learn how to composite and animate a real looking heart effect.Read More…
  • 3D & Motion Graphics
    Time Remapping in Premiere & After EffectsAetuts retina time remapping
    Today we'll do a quick overview of how to change the speed of your footage and get the best results. We'll start in Premiere and then using Dynamic Link, we'll jump over to After Effects to look at our options there.Read More…