Kelley Johnson
I'm an ex-schoolmarm who is excited about all things education and creative related, which means Crafttuts+ is the perfect site for me! I'm currently loving my life as a professional photographer with Radiant Photography. When I'm not writing for Crafttuts+ or taking photos, I can be found working on my personal life & style blog, Threads & Buttons or sharing random thoughts on Twitter.
  • Crafts & DIY
    Make Your Very Own Lucky Green Necklace for St Patrick's DayBaublednecklacepreview
    You know you don't have to wear an oversized crushed-velvet leprechaun's hat or a flashing neon shamrock pin to dress up for St Patrick's Day. Instead, why not make a sweet emerald-green bauble necklace to celebrate March 17, and add a bit of class to the day's festivities? Better still, you can wear it again! Here's how to make your very own lucky necklace.Read More…
  • Crafts & DIY
    Knitting Fundamentals: How to Block Your Knitting ProjectPreviewimageblockwork
    What can you do to help your knitting project look more shapely and complete? Block it! I'll show you how.Read More…
  • Crafts & DIY
    Knitting Fundamentals: How to Weave in the Ends Weaveinendspreviewimage
    After you bind-off a knitting project, you may find some yarn ends dangling from your project. Invisibly weaving in those tails is simpler than you may think! Check out the following video tutorial to learn how.Read More…
  • Crafts & DIY
    How to Knit a Chunky Cowl ScarfTwotonescarfpreviewfinal
    Cowls are a perfect cold weather accessory. They're not only adorable, but they also keep you nice and toasty on blustery days. Let's get knitting!Read More…
  • Crafts & DIY
    Knitting Fundamentals: How to Bind OffPreviewimagebindofffinal
    Nothing beats the joy of finally getting to the end of a long knitting project. Here's a handy video tutorial that will hold your hand through every step of the way.Read More…
  • Crafts & DIY
    Knitting Fundamentals: How to Join New YarnPreviewimagejoinyarn
    The only time when you need to join new yarn is (a) when you need to change colours; or (b) when you run out of yarn. Learn how to do it now. Read More…
  • Crafts & DIY
    Knitting Fundamentals: 5 Different Ways to Cast OnPreviewimagefivewaysfinal
    Try experimenting with a few new cast-on methods just for fun while you're in-between knitting projects. This way casting on isn't just the step you're trying to rush through in order to start knitting, it's a new and fun technique that you're trying out.Read More…
  • Crafts & DIY
    Knitting Fundamentals: How to PurlPreviewimagepurl
    Most beginner knitters learn how to cast-on and how to do the knit stitch right away. Then, when somebody mentions learning the purl stitch, they run for cover. I know, you just started to feel comfortable knitting, and now people want to throw something new at you, and it's scary. But this stitch is not nearly as terrifying as you think. In fact, with a little bit of practice, I'm sure you'll be purling like a professional in no time!Read More…
  • Crafts & DIY
    Knit a Cosy Hairband for WinterKnitacosyhairbandpreviewimage
    Extra-fluffy hairbands/ear warmers have popped up on the fashion radar. Whether they're topped with a giant bow, cinched up in a turban style, or just simple chunky knit band, these accessories are ones that will keep you warm, and add a little extra style to your winter outfits.Read More…
  • Crafts & DIY
    Knitting Fundamentals: How to do a Knit StitchPreviewimageknitstitch
    The knit stitch is one of the most basic and simple stitches you'll learn. Let's give it a go!Read More…
  • Crafts & DIY
    Knitting Fundamentals: How to Cast OnPreviewimagecastingon
    The first step in almost all knitting projects is casting-on, which is what I'll be teaching you today. Go grab some knitting needles and yarn, and let's get started on your knitting journey!Read More…
  • Crafts & DIY
    The Fastest Way to Knit a Coffee CozyRebootcozypreviewimage
    After a super-quick knitting project? Keep your fingers safe and your cup warm and fluffy with this extra large "Reboot" coffee cozy!Read More…