Kaleb Aylsworth
Kaleb Aylsworth is the old Cgtuts+ editor. He is also a video game Environment Artist with over 3 years of professional experience. He is currently employed at Digital Extremes in Canada, and working on an un-announced AAA title.
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    How to Create a Video Game Dumpster: The Complete Current-Gen WorkflowDumpster thumb
    Twice a month we revisit some of our reader's favorite posts from throughout the history of Cgtuts+, and what better place to start than with a tutorial by ex-site-editor Kaleb Aylsworth. This tutorial was first published in June 2009 and proved immensely popular. Let's take a look...Read More…
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    Kludge City 01.7 (Maya script)Thumb
    Kludge city is a procedural building and skyscraper generator being developed by Visual Effects Artist, Ed Whetstone, as part of his short film project, "The Deliverator". It is open-source, and freely available for anyone to use or edit, so head on over to www.whetstonevfx.com and download it now!Read More…
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    Tutorial Removed200 removed
    Unfortunately, the CGtuts+ staff have had to remove a recently published tutorial titled "Create a Dynamic Collision Animation with the Mograph 2 Module in Cinema 4D", as the techniques being taught closely resemble those of an existing tutorial. When this situation occurs, unfortunately, the tutorial is removed and payment is not made to the author of the tutorial. Claims of plagiarism are taken very seriously and thoroughly investigated on this site and always something to be aware of. We appreciate the communities diligence in catching this and have removed this tutorial from the site. Thanks.Read More…
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    Winner Announced: Win a copy of "The Art and Making of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (Hardcover)"Thumb
    "Sony Pictures’ eye-popping animated version of Judi and Ron Barrett’s beloved children’s book Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs recasts the classic story with a contemporary look and plot. This book describes, through revealing behind-the-scenes discussions and amazing developmental art, how this visual feast came to be. Presented in a bold, die-cut slipcase that could have been designed by Flint Lockwood himself, this lavishly illustrated account is a delight for fans of the book and animation buffs alike." (amazon.com). Read More…
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    Winner Announced: Win an Amazing CG Tutorial DVD from Eat 3d!!Thumbnail
    Well 2010 is finally here, and after 12 days of giveaway awesomeness, we thought what better way to kick off the new year with, well..another awesome giveaway!! And this is no ordinary giveaway my friends....because CGTuts+ has now teamed up with CG tutorial powerhouse Eat 3d to give you the chance to win one of four (count 'em...four!) incredible tutorial DVDs!!.Read More…
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    Winner Announced: Win a Copy of Tim Burton's Animated Masterpiece "9"9 thumb
    "From visionary filmmakers Tim Burton (The Nightmare Before Christmas) and Timur Bekmambetov (Wanted) and Academy Award®-nominated director Shane Acker comes this visually stunning and original epic adventure. In the final days of humanity, a dedicated scientist gives the spark of life to nine of his creations." Read More…
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    Winner Announced: Win a Copy of "Stop Staring: Facial Modeling and Animation Done Right"!Thumbnail
    "Lips, brows, frown lines--they’re all in motion in an expressive face. Stop Staring analyzes facial structures and movements and shows animators how to enliven the faces of their characters. The author, whose own head (in modeled form) graces the cover, is an experienced animator currently working on The Sims. " (amazon.com). Read More…
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    Winner Announced:Win a Copy of "Pixar Short Films Collection - Volume 1" (DVD or Blu-Ray)Thumb
    Disney*Pixar invite you to discover these masterpieces of storytelling from the creative minds that brought you Toy Story, Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo and many more. With revolutionary animation, unforgettable music and characters you love, these dazzling short films have changed the face of animation and entertainment and are sure to delight people of all ages for years to come. Experience them now – for the first time together in an amazing collection including never-before-seen footage!Read More…
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    Winner Announced - Win a Copy of 'Digital Lighting and Rendering (2nd Edition)', by Pixar's Jeremy Birn!Thumbnail
    Creating a perfect render in any 3D application means getting all the details exactly right. And no matter what software you use, your success in creating realistic illumination, shadows, and textures depends on the quality of the professional lighting and rendering techniques at your disposal. In this lavishly illustrated new edition, Pixar's Jeremy Birn explains everything you will need to know to perfect this highly technical craft. Read More…
  • 3D & Motion Graphics
    Winner Announced - Win a Copy of '3-D Human Modeling and Animation, Third Edition'!Thumb
    Thanks to today's remarkable technology, artists can create and animate realistic, three-dimensional human figures that were not possible just a few years ago. This easy-to-follow book guides you through all the necessary steps to adapt your own artistic skill in figure drawing, painting, and sculpture to this exciting digital canvas.Read More…
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    Winner Announced: Win a Year Membership to CGTextures!Thumbnail
    Brace yourselves everyone, because our first CGTuts+ giveaway in November is a HUGE one! One extremely lucky commenter (selected at random) will be chosen to win a 1 year, 100 mb per day personal membership sponsored by CGTextures!Read More…
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    Quick and Effective Game Art Portfolio Presentation - Day 1Thumb
    When it comes to making sales, the package is just as important as the product. The same can be said in the world of CG, except package is your portfolio...and the product is you! In this two part tutorial series, professional 3d Environment Artist, Kaleb Aylsworth, will show you a quick and easy, but highly effective process for lighting, rendering, and eventually presenting your 3d game art for you portfolio.Read More…