Kailan Wyatt
I am a passionate PHP user with a love for Open Source systems and owner of B4uCode. With a few years of programming these technologies, I am fortunate to be able to share my thoughts. Joomla and WordPress are my favorite systems to develop. That's enough for now.
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    Making WordPress Apps Ready for FacebookMaking wordpress apps ready for facebook
    It is becoming increasingly popular for people to integrate their WordPress sites into Facebook applications and fan pages. Although this tutorial is not about how to make an integration, it will explain some smart code techniques that can be implemented for a Facebook-specific view. Facebook and other websites have specific policies about what not to do on Facebook and this tutorial will show you just exactly how you can obey these policies.Read More…
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    Quick Tip: Saving a Default Post ThumbnailTut thumbnail
    This tutorial will demonstrate how to create a Default Post Thumbnail from the core. Many tutorials demonstrate how to check if a thumbnail exists in a post and then render one if no thumbnail exists. This tutorial will show you how to avoid saving a post without a thumbnail, in the first place.Read More…
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    How to Make a Radio Station Schedule Using WordPressPreview
    Often enough, many radio stations are built using WordPress, but many don't harvest the true potential to create a true online radio station. This tutorial will demonstrate how you can turn a radio website into a fully functional radio station DJ listing with a nifty radio schedule for featured shows.Read More…
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    Creating a WordPress Network WidgetPreview
    In this tutorial, we are going to create a widget that will display sites from a WordPress Network of sites. This short tutorial will show you how simple it is, to create a widget and use it to navigate to different network sites.Read More…
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    How to Convert a Widget into a Joomla Module200x200
    This tutorial will cover the process of creating a basic Joomla module from an existing widget. We're going to take a widget from Mixcloud, learn how to convert it into a Joomla module and, finally, distribute the extension to JED (Joomla Extension Directory). If you've never created a Joomla module before, this article is the best place to start!Read More…
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    How to Share Adsense Revenue With Your AuthorsPreview
    This tutorial will demonstrate how you can easily share Adsense Ad space with your authors. It would be quite useful in attracting new authors to blog on your site, in return for some Adsense revenue for what they've written. The tutorial is only a stepping stone to a more feature rich site for your writers and users. Discover how to add extra user fields and how to manipulate them on your site.Read More…