Justin Smith
User Experience Architect at Cartoon Network. Georgia Tech graduate and sports fan. The views and opinions in his articles are his own and are in no way representative of those of Turner or Cartoon Network.
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    My Thoughts on Unicorns in the Mystical World of UXUnicorn new thumb
    This article is about a phenomenon within the UX community. Recently I've seen several companies looking to hire what they refer to as a "unicorn"; an employee so named due to the rarity of individuals with such talents. A unicorn is someone who can take on and perform the tasks of a UX Designer/Architect, Visual Designer and Developer (typically front-end). I do believe individuals exist that carry all of these talents at an expert level, but I also believe they are incredibly rare.Read More…
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    The Finer Details of UX for KidsUx kids 2 retina
    In the previous article we discussed what we mean when we refer to "kids", the unique challenges they bring, as well as some key considerations when designing UX for kids. In this post we'll discuss items UX professionals should pay close attention to after they hand off their formal UX.Read More…
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    The Building Blocks of Designing UX For KidsUx kids retina
    Designing for kids is a unique and challenging situation for any UX professional. While many principles and practices span across all ages, there are many issues which arise exclusively when dealing with children. In this introductory article we'll look at children and the specific design issues that they bring about. We'll also examine some guidelines, constraints, and considerations that you should take into account when designing UX for kids.Read More…
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    First Steps in Your User Experience Workflow: Nascent UXImages
    UX is typically an early part of the software development lifecycle, but let's look deeper into the steps a UXer should take before really beginning to put a UX design together. I want to refer to this as Nascent UX. Nascent) simply means "beginning to exist or develop". Nascent UX is the gathering and organizing of information prior to the actual design phase of UX.Read More…
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    A Beginner’s Guide to Wireframing in OmnigrafflePreview 1
    Omnigraffle is a tool that can be use for many purposes, but today we'll explore how to use it for wireframing. I've used all kinds of applications for wireframing and, while it's not perfect, Omnigraffle has the best combination of capabilities and efficiency for my workflow.Read More…
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    The Basics of Great UXMain
    To the benefit of software and applications everywhere, UX has become an increasingly important step in the Software Development lifecycle. Even though UX is a slightly surreptitious layer of design, it's no less important. It, by the nature of its name, defines the experience of the users. That experience determines whether or not they want to come back for more, or run screaming in the other direction.Read More…
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    Defining And Applying Personas to UX DesignPre
    Personas have long been integrated with UX documentation. They help us create fictional users, representative of our real users, which we can reference throughout our creative process to inform and validate our design and UX. Let's examine how we set up a persona and then utilize it throughout our design process.Read More…
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    Applying Fitts’ Law To Mobile Interface DesignFitts
    Fitts' Law is an essential principle of Human-Computer Interaction theory that was formulated almost 60 years ago. It's critical to UX design for the desktop and laptop, but with interaction techniques being vastly different on mobile devices can we still use it the same way? We'll look at what Fitts' Law consists of and how it is applied to design on mobile devices.Read More…
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    The Benefits and Pitfalls of GamificationPreview
    Gamification is becoming a hot commodity around the web, but what is it? Is it being used correctly? Let's have a look at various aspects of gamification and how they can be used and misused.Read More…