Jurian van der Hoeven
Jurian van der Hoeven is Saux. Saux is a creative Amsterdam-based producer and multi-instrumentalist. He uses real instruments, old samples and an eclectic mix of contemporary music to create new tracks everyday.
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    Quick Tip: 30's Vinyl EffectVinyl
    In this age of modern techniques some want to go back decades and want to achieve that old 30's vinyl and radio sound. Nowadays it's quite hard to achieve the sound of a real vinyl record but using some effects that every DAW has we can come real close to that sound. In this Quick Tip we're going to use Ableton Live, but almost every single DAW has the effects we need (Vinyl Distortion, Filters, Bitcrusher). [audio: http://cdn.tutsplus.com/audio/uploads/legacy/qt_154_vinyl/Audiotuts 1.mp3]Read More…