Julian Dorado
Hi there! I am a Graphic Designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I've been living in this beautiful city since birth and at the age of 10 I already knew that I wanted to be part of the artistic universe. So I kind of started very young constantly drawing strange creatures and ended up studying Graphic Design at the age of 18. Now I am 23, so I guess I've been designing for 5 years.
  • Design & Illustration
    How to Create Typeface CharactersPreview
    I started a character design project that merges typefaces into unique monsters, cute animals, and various other font inspired character creations. The method is simple, I take different sections of the characters of a specific font and I put them together, giving birth to different kinds of creatures. The interesting thing about Typefaces is that each font gives a different aspects to the characters. That is the essence of Typefaces - Faces with Type. Learn the basics of how to create these fun characters!Read More…