Joshua Blount
I’m a loud guy, trying to live more quietly. I love Jesus, The Wife™ & Apple products (mostly in that order). I’m an advocate of open source, open ended questions, and open government. I’m a home owner in Central Florida (Mount Dora, specifically). I’m lucky enough to get to work from home most of the time (with the occasional coffee shop appearance) with The Dog™. Visit and InSeasonOut to find out more about me!
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    How to Theme any CMS Using Firebug (and MediaWiki as an Example)200
    Often in my career as a web ninja, I've been asked to skin or theme open source projects to bring them in line with my clients brand. Depending on the project this can be more, or less frustrating (I'm looking at you Magento) but MediaWiki is one of the easier projects to work with because of the limited number of files and things to adjust. In this tutorial we'll go through the theming process I used to style the upcoming PSDTUTS Wiki, but the process, particularly using Firebug, could be applied to pretty much any CMS.Read More…