Josh Sephton
Josh works at 383 (, helping ambitious clients create opportunity through innovation. We believe that new technology, new category competition from startups and new customer behaviour should be changing how organisation's are operating.
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    iOS 8: Integrating Touch IDPreview image@2x
    iOS 8 introduces the Local Authentication framework, giving developers the ability to use the device's fingerprint sensor to authenticate users. This tutorial explains how it works, discusses the security implications, and creates a sample app.Read More…
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    Getting Started with UIKit Dynamics84oke preview image
    In the previous tutorial, I explained a few new features of iOS 7 that let you add subtle animations and greater interactivity with surprisingly little code to simulate real world physics. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to create a hidden form on a search results page.Read More…
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    An Introduction to UIKit Dynamics84oke preview image
    The new look and feel of the iOS 7 user interface relies heavily on subtle animations to help give users a stronger sense of direct manipulation. In this tutorial, I'll give you an overview of the UIKit Dynamics classes and how they work together.Read More…
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    Digital Tickets with UIGestureRecognizerTicket preview2@2x
    This tutorial will teach you to combine UIGestureRecognizers to force users to make non-trivial gestures to perform an action. We will use the example of redeeming a digital ticket, using the real-world analogy of tearing it in half.Read More…