Josh Pollock
Josh Pollock writes about WordPress, does theme and plugin development, serves as the community manager for the Pods Framework and advocates open source solutions for sustainable design. You can learn more about him on his website and by following him on twitter @Josh412.
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    Avoiding the XY Problem for Support Providers Xy
    The XY problem, when someone asks about Y, a possible solution to problem X, instead of their actual problem can be a real impediment for support providers to meet their needs of their users. When you know a user's goals you ensure that you're giving them the right answer and make it more likely that your product will live up to its promise.Read More…
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    Getting Better Support By Avoiding The XY ProblemXy
    The ability to get fast and effective support is one of the reasons to choose WordPress. With its massive popularity and incredibly supportive community, help with whatever problem you may face is available, if you know how to ask. Ensuring you get a good answer requires avoiding the XY problem - when you ask about a solution to a problem, instead of the problem itself.Read More…
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    Creating A Mini-CSS Preprocesser For Theme Color OptionsWordpress
    The WordPress Theme Customizer makes it easy for users to edit and preview theme options. Getting those options into front-end CSS on the other hand can be messy. In this article, we'll learn how to build a simple CSS preprocesser that not only makes for cleaner code, but allows for new possibilities.Read More…
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    What Is the XY Problem and Why Is It Bad?Xy
    One of the things that makes WordPress so awesome is the willingness of members of the community to help others. No matter where you seek out help, one of the hurdles to solving problems is asking for support about possible solutions, instead of asking about the underlying problem itself. This is what we call an XY problem. Read More…
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    Adding Custom Fields To WordPress ProgrammaticallyWordpress
    Learning the basic methods for creating and setting the values of custom WordPress meta fields programmatically is the first step to creating powerful plugins or complex content management sites.Read More…
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    Using The WordPress Custom Field User InterfaceWordpress
    In the first post in this series, I covered what custom fields are and why they are important. I also gave an overview of the various ways to add them to WordPress posts. In this article, I will cover the Custom Fields User Interface.Read More…
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    Exploring WordPress Custom Fields and Why They're ImportantValidating wordpress preview
    WordPress' post meta table is an almost totally blank slate waiting for you to use it to power a content management site or a plugin. In this series I will show you various ways to create and update custom post meta fields.Read More…
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    Creating and Submitting a Patch to WordPress CoreWordpress core patch
    If you are someone who uses WordPress to earn a living and to tell your story, seeing a change that you wrote added to the WordPress code base is a pretty exciting thing. I know it was for me. In this tutorial, you will learn the few simple things you need to know in order to create a patch for WordPress that can be accepted into the core software.Read More…
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    Getting The Most of Post Formats: Content Organization ToolsPostformats
    Recall what I said before about post formats not being an organizational tool? I change that up a bit: As long as you're marking your videos as videos, images as images, etc., you might as well use that to organize your site, instead of adding redundant taxonomies.Read More…
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    Getting The Most of Post Formats: Bulk Updating Post FormatsPostformats
    Now that I've convinced you of how cool post formats are with my previous posts in this series, you might be worried about having to go back through all of your posts, opening each one and manually setting its post format. Let me show you how to automate the process.Read More…
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    Getting The Most of Post Formats: Designing for Content PartsPostformats
    So far in this series I've introduced you to what post formats are, and how to use different templates for different post formats in the loop. In this post I will show you how to set apply different css to parts of a post's content based on the post format.Read More…
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    Getting The Most of Post Formats: Using Post Formats In The LoopPostformats
    Learn how to effectively control the main WordPress loop to get the most of post formats.Read More…