Josh Johnson
Equal parts editor, writer, designer, & photographer. I work for Envato and have written tons of stuff for Design Shack.
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    100 Beautiful Examples of Backlit PhotographyPreview
    Recently, we looked at how to set up amazing silhouette shots using strong backlighting. Today we'll see that silhouettes are just one possibility for what to do with a good backlight. Creative backlighting seems to be extremely common in nature photography, but can produce excellent effects in other areas like portraiture as well. Here are 100 beautifully backlit photos to give you some ideas for how to setup your own unique shots!Read More…
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    Beautiful Custom Bokeh With the Bokeh Masters KitPreview
    Today we'll be reviewing a product called The Bokeh Master's Kit. We'll tell go through what it is, how to use it, and whether or not you should consider adding it to your arsenal of photography tools. Read More…
  • Photo & Video
    100 Toddler Shots to Improve Your Family PhotographyToddler ru prelg
    In honor of the most photogenic beings on the planet, we've compiled 100 amazing and fun shots of toddlers doing what they do best: completely capturing our attention. I challenge you to browse this post and not smile at least once.Read More…
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    The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Shooting High KeyPreview
    Today we're going to learn all about what high key photography is and how to create the effect. We'll go over what kind of equipment you'll need, how to set it up, as well as what camera settings you can expect to give you good results. Read More…
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    100 Spellbinding Silhouette Shots to Inspire & AmazePreview
    To follow up our recent tutorial on shooting amazing silhouettes, we wanted to empower you with plenty more inspiration to go out and shoot your own. Here's our collection of 100 spellbinding silhouette shots spanning all kinds of different methods and concepts.Read More…
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    30 Photography Magazines Worth Subscribing ToPreview
    As both free and premium online content grows in popularity, the world's love of printed magazines has declined dramatically. Consequently, it becomes harder and harder for fans of print to find quality sources of information on their favorite subjects. Today we bring you thirty bonafide printed photography magazines from around the world that you can still subscribe to today. They range dramatically in price, frequency and content focus to appeal to photographers from all across the talent spectrum!Read More…
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    Phototuts+ Reader Profile: Radiant PhotographyPreview
    Today we'll be getting up close and personal with Scottie and Breanna Chanson, a husband and wife photography team that comprise Radiant Photography. Radiant has made a big splash in the photography scene in Phoenix, particularly in the area of wedding and engagement photos.Read More…
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    Kinetic Photography: Techniques and Stunning ExamplesPreview
    Today we're going to take a brief look at a particular moving type of photography that attempts to channel chaos into beauty: kinetic photography. As you can see in the image below, the results vary incredibly and are often quite stunning. So what is kinetic photography and how can you do it? Read on to find out!Read More…
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    Simple Steps for Shooting Amazing SilhouettesPreview
    Silhouettes can be an excellent way to add drama to a scene. The stark contrast and lack of detail in the subject infuse a psychological effect into the image that can be beautiful, mysterious, or even frightening. Today we'll look at a few suggestions to keep in mind the next time you set out to shoot some silhouettes. We'll also examine the settings used in some real-life amazing silhouette shots to see what we can learn from them.Read More…
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    100 Terrific Photographic TexturesPreview
    Texture photography forces us to look at the world in a different way. It makes the everyday beautiful and the boring profound. Macro lenses allow us to look closer than we ever have before and, wide angle shots help up step back and take it all in. Enjoy this diverse collection of 100 texture photographs, and be inspired to shoot some of your own!Read More…
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    DSLR's with Video Capability ComparedPreview
    Today we'll be exploring a fairly new technology: DSLR's that shoot video. We'll take a brief look into how and when these cameras came around, compare a few notable options currently on the market and close with a discussion of the pros and cons of this technology in it's current state.Read More…
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    100 Fantastic Photos Taken With a Fisheye LensPreview
    Today we're going to focus on a wonderfully distorted area of photography: fisheye shots. Fisheye lenses are essentially extreme wide angle lenses that were originally developed for meteorological purposes but are now used by all sorts of photographers. As you can see in the images below, the applications are endless and are seldom boring! Hopefully you'll leave feeling inspired to pick up your own fisheye lens or a (considerably cheaper) fisheye converter.Read More…