Joseph Labrecque
Joseph Labrecque is primarily employed by the University of Denver as senior interactive software engineer specializing in the Adobe Flash Platform, where he produces innovative academic toolsets for both traditional desktop environments and emerging mobile spaces. Alongside this principal role; he often serves as adjunct faculty, communicating upon a variety of Flash Platform solutions and general web design and development subjects.
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    Mobile Flash is Far From Dead: Setting the Record StraightMobile flash
    In light of recent announcements from Adobe, there has been a lot of confusion over the state of the Flash Platform - specifically in regard to Flash content on mobile devices. This article seeks to clarify many of the misconceptions that exist by addressing the main points of confusion around these announcements regardless of the initial, monumental, and absolutely unbelievable blunders from failed public (and private) relations messaging and general marketing surrounding these announcements.Read More…
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    2011 in Flash and Web Apps: A RetrospectiveFlash and web apps 2011 retrospective
    With the year 2011 at a close, it is time to reflect upon some of the major industry events of the year. A lot happened... we'll pick out some of the bits and pieces that will be most interesting to browser app and game developers from the world of industry, web, runtimes, operating systems, mobile, and more!Read More…
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    Industry News: Week 31 2011Industry news 20110801
    Time for your latest fix of industry news. This week we learn about Adobe's brand new HTML5 platform, Edge; a new resource for creative HTML5 and CSS3 demos; and a Google Chrome extension that lets you search the AS3 LiveDocs via the omnibox.Read More…
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    Industry News: Week 28 2011News week 28 2011
    Time for your latest fix of industry news. This week, we says goodbye to Flash Player Incubator builds (and hello to Flash Player beta builds), and learn about a challenge that Sony's thrown down for Flash developers.Read More…
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    Industry News: Week 27 2011Preview
    Industry News time again, and on this occasion we'll be looking at some interesting developments in the Flash to HTML5 forum..Read More…
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    Industry News: Week 25 2011 Preview
    A couple of noteworthy subjects during this week's industry news; we look at Adobe's significant upgrade to Flash Builder and the Flex SDK, plus details of Adobe MAX 2011 (where I'll be speaking alongside some great names). Register now and you'll benefit from early bird pricing!Read More…
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    Industry News: Week 24 2011 Preview
    Industry News for you this week involves an interesting exclusive - if you're a Linux user you may just want to check it out..Read More…
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    Industry News: Week 22 2011 Preview
    What's happening in RIA Industry News this week? Well, Lee Brimelow gives a heads-up on Mobile AIR, Adobe DevNet further expands its Game Developer Center and we check out something called "the National Jukebox"..Read More…
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    Industry News: Week 20 2011 Week 20
    In this week's RIA industry news we check out the latest Flash Platform updates, take a look at some interesting Flash/HTML statistics and bid a final farewell to the old Flash Player Settings Manager.Read More…
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    Industry News: Week 19 2011Industry news 19
    In this week's industry news we'll be taking a look at the Google Chromebook, Google TV and the future of Flash on mobile platforms.Read More…
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    CS5.5 Official Release, FB Dev Center and Flash Player UpdatePreview
    In this week's RIA industry news update we'll take a look at Adobe's Creative Suite 5.5, the Adobe Developer Center for Flash Builder and the latest Flash Player update.Read More…
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    HLS, Alyssa Milano and the Flex Spoon ProjectAlyssa
    How's that for a tantalizing post title? This week's industry news features Adobe's adoption of HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), the role of celebrity gossip in the Flash community and takes a glimpse at the Flex Spoon Project.Read More…