Joseph Clover
I am a young programmer who wishes to teach others as I highly respect those who taught me.
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    Quick Tip: Fixing V-Sync ("Tearing") Issues in FlashVsync tearing as3 flash
    In today's (Very) Quick Tip, you'll learn how to solve the common problem of flickering or tearing. This is a horrible effect in Flash where bitmaps flicker as they are updated, or appear to tear into two images (as in the thumbnail).Read More…
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    Blitting With AS3: Removing a Bitmap's Background ColorPreview 200x200
    Today, you will learn how to remove the background color from a sprite sheet using AS3, and blit the result to a bitmap canvas. Read on to learn more!Read More…
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    Quick Tip: Understanding getDefinitionByName()Getdefinitionbyname
    In this Quick Tip, you'll learn how to construct a reference to a class from a String, and then create an instance of that class, using a built-in AS3 function called getDefinitionByName(). You'll also learn the best methods for using this in different situations.Read More…
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    How To Select Units in an AS3 Game200x200preview
    In this tutorial, we will draw a selection rectangle with the mouse (as seen in strategy games such as StarCraft and Command and Conquer), and we will also learn how to select units with the rectangle!Read More…