Jordan Merrick
I'm a technology writer and web designer living in the UK. I write for a number of Apple-related sites, including Sparsebundle. I also create web templates available at ThemeForest and offer bespoke web design services at my own site, You can find me on both and Twitter !
  • Computer Skills
    How to Get the Most From iCloud EmailIcloud icon 2x
    It's hard to imagine using iCloud's mail service in anything other than Mail for Mac OS X or iOS, yet iCloud has had a decent webmail interface for some time. Although many Mac and iOS users have little to no need to use such an interface, there are certain features that provide greater control over your iCloud's email address that you just can't access via a traditional desktop client. This tutorial will explain iCloud's webmail interface and some of its features that you can use to make your iCloud email account do even more. Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    How to Create Free Offsite Backups With CrashPlanCrashplan icon 2x
    If you'd like to easily backup your data between computers on a network or over the internet, Time Machine may prove quite limited. Fortunately, CrashPlan provides all this, and more, by allowing for some truly customisable backup solutions. In this screencast, I'll demonstrate how to set up CrashPlan to backup your data to an external drive, another computer on a network and even to a friend's computer over the internet.Read More…
  • Business
    Taking Mobile Payments With iZettlePreview izettle mobile payments
    For many small businesses and freelancers, the only way to take credit card payments was with specialized Point of Sale equipment or through the use of online payment processors such as PayPal or WorldPay. Thankfully, times have changed. With smartphones and tablets (as well as widespread availability of internet access), we now have personal, convenient payments options. Using inexpensive accessories with your mobile gadget effectively replaces an outdated, cumbersome processes. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to set up an iZettle account and start taking payments using your mobile device. Discover how to make the sales experience better for you and your clients.Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    A Beginner's Guide to OS X File SharingFilesharingicon 2x
    Sharing files over the internet has never been easier thanks to services such as Dropbox, WeTransfer and even email. Despite this ease at which we can send a file to the other side of the world, sharing files on a local network to the computer across the room is still a complicated affair. In this tutorial I'll show you how to OS X's built-in File Sharing service to provide a more robust and simpler way of sharing files on a local network.Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    Create Awesome Invoices in NumbersIcon numbers 2x
    More people than ever before are breaking free of the corporate shackles and trying to make it as a freelancer, from web designers to Mac consultants. Perhaps the most important, yet overlooked, part of the process is invoicing clients and getting paid. A poorly written and designed invoice can be the difference between getting paid on time and chasing clients for money. In this screencast, I'll show you how to create an awesome invoice template in Numbers that can be customised to your needs, making sure your invoices look just as professional as the services you provide.Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    Myke Hurley on the History and Future of PodcastingMyke 2x
    Myke Hurley is a British podcaster and the co-founder of 70Decibels, the network that brought us such shows as Bionic, CMD+Space, Generational and The 512 Podcast. More recently, Myke and his network have become part of the 5by5 network on which he, along with international cohorts Stephen Hackett of 512 Pixels and Federico Viticci of MacStories, have since launched the hottest new tech podcast called The Prompt. Although Myke works full time as a "corporate stooge" and hosts countless podcasts, including the daily podcast The News, I was fortunate enough to steal some of Myke's time and discuss his Mac and podcasting history, as well as what the future may hold for the medium. Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    How to Share a Hotel Room's Internet Connection Over Wi-FiWifisharing icon 2x
    For years, many hotels around the world have offered high-speed internet access to guests in their rooms by way of a wired connection, whether it be a standard network port in the wall or a cable popping out of the desk. Nowadays, wireless network is the default option but we're often charged to use it. Since many hotels still provide the wired connection option as for free, in this guide I'll explain two methods of sharing this wired connection, allowing you to avoid any expensive Wi-Fi costs.Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    Create a Wireless Network Survey With NetSpotNetspot icon 2x
    For anyone living in an apartment block, or working in an office building, you'll no doubt notice the almost dizzying number of wireless networks your Mac is able to detect. It can be an almost eternal struggle to stay connected, sometimes, as these wireless networks will be constantly competing for the space in the airwaves. This causes all sorts of interference and signal issues. Following on from our previous tutorial How to Increase the Performance of Your Wireless Network, this screencast will show you how to map out and visually display wireless hotspots - and deadspots - using NetSpot. Read More…
  • Business
    Squarespace Activity and Google Analytics Compared5 analytics
    Over the course of this series, we've set up a complete online presence using products such as Squarespace and Google Apps to provide rock-solid web and email services with almost no configuration and zero maintenance required. In this part of our series, we'll show you how to gather analytical information about your Squarespace site's visitors, as well as comparing it to Google Analytics.Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    How to Capture and Record Audio on Your MacCapture icon 2x
    Whether you're wanting to become the next Bob Dylan or start your own podcast, the Mac has some of the best software around to help you make this a reality. But no matter how good your musical or conversational aspirations are, they'll be for nought if we can't effectively capture our music or record our conversations. In this tutorial, I'll look at the different ways you can capture and record audio to include in your future projects. Read More…
  • Business
    Blogging and Promoting Your Online Business With SquareSpace4 squarespace blogging
    In the first part of our series, Setting Up Your Business Online Without Coding, I showed you how easy it is to set up a brand new website using Squarespace that you can fully set up in as little as 30 minutes. Now that we've got a great-looking website set up, it's time to go one step further and really get the most from it by adding a fully working blog, complete with comments and social integration.Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    5 Ways to AirPlay From Your Mac to Your TelevisionAirplay icon 2x
    AirPlay is by far one of the most popular features of the Apple TV. On iOS devices, it allows the easy streaming of audio and video to an Apple TV so that you can enjoy watching a movie on your television with friends and family. On the Mac, however, it's not as simple. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to AirPlay almost any audio and video content from your Mac to your Apple TV.Read More…