Joost Rijneveld
Joost is a high school student in the Netherlands, and develops Flash on a freelance basis in his spare time. He was taught to use Flash a year ago, in school (awesome school, huh?). He's been a member of ActiveDen since December last year, but only started actively contributing last May.
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    Build a Classic Snake Game in ActionScript 2.0200
    Well, we're approaching the end of 2009, and as ever, these final days in December are a time for reflection, memories and nostalgia. At Activetuts+ we endeavor to be forward-thinking, moving with the times and embracing technology. Saying that, it's also important we appeal to all our readers, so for those of you who haven't made the jump yet, let's finish off the year with a bit of ActionScript 2.0! In this tutorial, you'll create a simple AS2 snake game.Read More…