Jonathan Wolfe
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    How to Write a "Most Popular By Views" WordPress Plugin200x200
    As you continue writing for WordPress more and more, the level of difficulty and complexity of your plugins will eventually reach far beyond the simple back-end data manipulation, as demonstrated in our beginner's article. In this installment we'll cover in-depth: database interaction, Admin Widgets, and Sidebar Widgets. Today's example will be a custom built "Most Popular by Views" plugin, which creates an admin area widget for us to view, and a sidebar widget for visitors to see.Read More…
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    Your First WordPress Plugin: Simple Optimization200x200
    WordPress is the largest blogging platform available on the internet today; and with the official release of version three just around the corner, it's only going to get bigger. As such, over the next few self-contained tuts, we're going to learn the ins and outs of WordPress plugin development, starting with the creation of our first simple plugin, "Simple Optimization."Read More…
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    Building a Custom “Search By Category” WordPress PluginCode
    With an ever increasing amount of content building on your Wordpress site, your users will inevitably need to search your site to find that specific helpful article from way back. To help narrow the search results, I'm going to show you how to code a plugin that allows the user to search based on category.Read More…