Jonathan Wold
Jonathan Wold is a part-time freelance WordPress Consultant and has been working with WordPress for more than 6 years. He thoroughly enjoys teaching and has developed a free course on how to get your first web development client.
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    How To Customize A WordPress Theme For Your Freelance PortfolioHow to customize wordpress theme for your freelance portfolio
    It's a a critical component to a successful freelance career to have a website to detail your services and showcase your portfolio. With the wide variety of high quality WordPress themes available there is no reason why you can't have an excellent portfolio for your work - even if you haven't had prior web development experience. Yes, you can do this yourself. In this tutorial, we're going to take a premium WordPress theme and work through each step in the customization process to develop a website for your freelance portfolio.Read More…
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    How To Make $5000+ a Month Building Websites Part-TimePreview
    I had a problem. Two problems, actually. The first problem was that my wife and I needed to come up with just over $26,000 to meet our goal of getting out of debt in the next 3 1/2 months. That was a problem because I was making just enough at my day job to get by. Which leads to my second problem, time, or rather - the lack thereof. Between a full-time job and a family, the time I had left to work towards our goal was limited. We did it though. In the beginning of December, 2011, we paid off our last debt and, for the first time in our marriage, we were debt free. How? On weeknights and on Sundays I built websites for clients. My time was limited and the amount of money I needed to make was high, so it was important to maximize the time that I spent on task. It meant a lot of late nights and sleep deprivation, to be sure, but we made it through and, looking back, I only regret that I didn’t do it sooner. As I recently reflected back on that experience, I realized that the lessons I learned and the strategies I used to get my family out of debt were applicable beyond my situation. You can use them too. If you need money and you’re short on time, I can’t think of anything better than building websites part time. Let's look at how to do that efficiently with maximizing profit a top priority.Read More…