Jonathan Kizer
Jonathan Kizer is a freelance writer whose work has been featured across the web. His experience is wide-ranging, having used almost every mobile and desktop OS for at least some time. His area of expertise is in anything Apple or Google. He also considers a biography page as an excellent way to make people laugh, but can't currently think of a suitable joke.
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    Quick Tip: How to Set Up a Text-Based Notes SystemNotational velocity retina updated
    Technology is change, but there are often pieces of your life that you want to keep. These pieces of your computing lifestyle often include photos, videos, music, and various other pieces of data that are either necessary or useful in one way or another. While the photo, video, and music mediums have widely-used standards, text is a different case. For longer-form documents, Microsoft Word and its proprietary file format reign supreme. But in the world of shorter documents used primarily for notes, there is no standard. From Google Keep to Evernote, to Apple's own note system built directly in to OS X 10.8, the options are often overwhelming. However, in this tutorial we will set up a system based upon the venerable .txt file format using modern tools.Read More…