Jonathan Garro
Jonathan is a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Follow him on Twitter @MightyModest.
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    Quick Tip: Troubleshooting Mac App Store Download ProblemsLargetemplate
    An appealing aspect of the Mac App Store, for many users, is the ease of transferring purchased apps to new machines. Whilst re-installing apps on new and secondary computers is generally straightforward, the process can occasionally go awry with no indication of what's causing the problem. The most vexing of these problems arises when you delete an app, only to have the app store show it as installed. Such an error on the store's part will prevent you from installing the app on your computer. More frustratingly, if you deleted the app with no intention of using it anymore, you might continue to get notifications to update the app. Unfortunately, this root of this problem is difficult to diagnose, considering that Apple doesn't even give you an error message. In this tutorial I will show you how to troubleshoot the issue.Read More…
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    Cut the Clutter: Mac File Organization and Management for BeginnersUntitled
    Introduction Boot up a brand new Mac for the first time and you find yourself with a clean slate. However, with daily use, our computers can quickly become as cluttered as anything else in our lives. OS X, Fortunately, has plenty of options for helping to organize our ever-expanding inventory of files. Whether you have a mild case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, or you just want to be able to quickly find the files you need, you'll appreciate the benefits of a tidy Mac. This tutorial will cover some tips on organizing two main areas of your system that are most susceptible to clutter: Finder and Desktop.Read More…
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    Unlock The Power of Your Mac's Keychain UtilityKeychainlarge
    Though they are not without flaws, passwords have become the standard method by which our computer systems and online accounts are protected. You've probably heard that you need to use unique passwords for all of your accounts. However, just like flossing, being constantly reminded of the benefits doesn't necessarily lead to improved habits. In an effort to organize the myriad of passwords that you have created (or, at least, should be creating), Apple introduced the Keychain as something of a security database for your Mac. Despite its power, many Mac users never take advantage of its expansive features. I'm going to take a look at some of the most useful things that Keychain lets you do to keep your passwords organized and your Mac more secure.Read More…
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    What to Do When Your Mac Won’t Connect to the InternetNetworkutilityiconnew
    One of the many reasons I made the switch from PC to Mac a few years ago was the constant frustration of cryptic connectivity error messages on Windows. The laptop I used frequently would lose its Internet connection, and do little to help me understand why. Macs are not without their own connectivity issues, but I've found that understanding and fixing them is much more straightforward.Read More…
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    How To Customize The Look Of OS X LionCustommacicon
    The engineers at Apple design some incredible machines. Yet for all the beauty of an iMac or MacBook, their ever-increasing popularity may make you feel like your Mac is being lost in a homogenous sea of glass and aluminum. The desire to personalize the outside of our Apple products has led to a huge market for cases and bags. But you bought your MacBook Pro to stare at the screen, not the body with the lid closed. So let's look at a number of ways to tweak the appearance of various visual aspects of your Mac.Read More…