Johnny Winter
A regular contributor to Mac, iPad and iPhone AppStorm sites, Johnny has been online since 1995 aiming to use the internet for the creation and sharing of knowledge for the greater good. Via setting up forums and e-commerce businesses, Johnny is an accidental podcaster and Editor of Mac Computer Skills at
  • Computer Skills
    How To Silence the Startup Chime on a MacChime
    Each time you start a Mac, you'll hear a familiar start-up chime. You may have noticed that sometimes it seems louder, or perhaps quieter, than usual. Sometimes there is no chime at all. In this tutorial I'll show you how to change the volume of the Mac start up chime, or mute it completely.Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    How to Create a Bootable Ubuntu USB Drive, for PC, on a MacUbuntu
    Ubuntu is, perhaps, one of the most accessible distributions of Linux available to the home computer user or enthusiast. If you are interested in experimenting with Linux, you can do worse than to test-drive Ubuntu from a USB drive. In this tutorial I'll show you how to use Mac to create a Ubuntu USB drive that can be used on a PC.Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    How to Take Raspberry Pi Screenshots With VNCPi screenshot
    With a picture you can paint a thousand words and, as a tool for teaching anything relating to computers, a screenshot is an effective way of getting across ideas or information. In this tutorial I'll show you how you can take screenshots on a Raspberry Pi.Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    Raspberry Pi Cheat Sheet, Part 1Rpi config1
    This tutorial pulls together some of the common commands and actions, that might be needed by a new Raspberry Pi enthusiast, into part one of two handy reference tutorials.Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    Getting Started With Google Chromecast and a MacChromecast
    For those invested in the Apple ecosystem, an Apple TV is the way to send audio and video from a Mac or iOS device to a television. Now, there's another way.Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    Tuts+ Team Top TipsTop tips
    Whether you're new to Mac OS X or a seasoned pro, there is always something interesting or exciting to learn. I asked the Tuts+ team to give me their top tips.Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    How to Set Up a Real Time Business Statistics Dashboard Dashboard
    In order to be successful in business you need to make rational decisions based upon cold, hard data. In this tutorial I will show you how to set up an inexpensive dashboard that constantly monitors your business' vital statistics. Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    How to Get an App Refund From AppleMas refund
    Apple can, and does, make mistakes. In this tutorial I'll show you how to go about getting an app refund from Apple.Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    Using the Raspberry Pi Advanced Packaging Tool - APTApt get
    In order to install, update, upgrade and uninstall software--on a Raspberry Pi-- you will need to know about a tool called apt-get. In this tutorial, I explain apt-get and show you how to use in in the maintenance and use of a Raspberry Pi.Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    Series: OS X MavericksMavericks
    It's been four months since the release of OS X 10.9 Mavericks, the latest version of Apple's Mac operating system. It is the first time that a version of OS X has been made available, to Mac owners, free of charge and it has been estimated that one-third of Macs had been updated to Mavericks within weeks of it being launched in late October 2013. That figure is, no doubt, much higher now.Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    How to Install the 30 Years of Mac Computer Font on Your MacMacfont400
    Apple is celebrating 30 years of the Mac. As part of their website to mark the event, Apple has made available a rather special TrueType Font. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to download and use the special Apple font that contains the different Mac models from the last 30 years.Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    How to Install Alternative Web Browsers on the Raspberry PiPibrowser400
    If you are running the Raspian distro on your Raspberry Pi–and many people are–then the default web browser is probably your primary method for accessing webpages. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how you can optimise Midori and I’ll show you how to install some alternative web browsers and explain why you might want to use them.Read More…