John Reyes
I'm a freelance developer with a strong passion for creating interactive media.
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    The Power of Finite State Machines: Application and ExtensionFinite state machine tutorial
    Here's the concluding part of our tutorial about creating a multi-state car using a finite state machine. In this part, you will see how easy it is to add more states as well as new features to the car. When finished, you'll know exactly how to structure control for your FSM Object, which will be demonstrated when we add animation and sound.Read More…
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    The Power of Finite State Machines: Concept and CreationFinite state machine tutorial
    This two-part tutorial will cover creating a multi-state car using a finite state machine. We will start with Procedural FSM and progress into the State Pattern design pattern. Concept and creation will be our main focus during this first part; we will then proceed into application and extension during the second part.Read More…
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    Blow an Image Away with a Custom Wind EffectPreview
    Twice a month, we revisit some of our readers’ favorite posts from throughout the history of Activetuts+. This tutorial was first published in March, 2010. In this tutorial, we will create a custom class which breaks a picture into a thousand pieces and simulates a wind blowing them away. I created this project purely with AS3 and FlashDevelop - Flash not required!Read More…
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    Create a Stylish 3D Interface with Papervision3D: Effects and SubmenusCode
    In the second and final part of this tutorial, we'll complete our 3D menu interface with special effects and submenus, including 3D components like radio buttons.Read More…
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    Create a Stylish 3D Interface with Papervision3D: StructureCode
    In this Tut, you will learn how to create a complete 3D Interface framework that you can easily modify and re-use. I promise, by the time you finish, you'll have a better understanding of Papervision3D, learn a handful of effects and apply them to PV3D.Read More…
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    Creating 3D Intros with Papervision3DCode
    In this Tut, we will look into creating 3D Intros using Papervision3D. In the process, we will also look into using a real world implementation of the Singleton Pattern, and build a neat "CustomLoader" class which will allow you to preload and queue images and sounds, then set them all off at once.Read More…
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    Build an Adobe AIR Stopwatch ApplicationCode
    In this tutorial, we will build an Analog Timer AIR Application that we can use as a utility to time development work. We will be using a Custom Timer class that has Pause and Resume capabilities. This custom class will help you with a lot of Timer based applications as you'll see with a few examples.Read More…
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    Create a Revolving Atom in Papervision3DPreview
    Just as the title suggests, we're going to simulate an Atom with shells of electrons orbiting a nucleus, using Papervision 3D. Let's get going..Read More…