John Boswell
I am a full time guitar teacher and part time session guitarist. I have been in love with the recording process for years and have used many DAWs over the last decade.
  • Music & Audio
    A Guide to the Electric GuitarThumb
    This article is a general overview of the electric guitar. We cover the woods, acoustic sound, construction, necks and fretboards, pickups and hardware and show you how to purchase and maintain an electric guitar that you'll love for years to come.Read More…
  • Music & Audio
    Use Impulse Response to Make Logic's Guitar Amp Pro Sound GreatThumb
    In this tutorial we will be looking into getting a little bit more out of Logic Pro's Guitar Amp Pro plugin. We are going to bypass Guitar Amp Pro's speaker cabinet and then load an impulse response (IR) for a different cabinet using Space Designer. If you've ever wondered what a Marshall amp and a Mesa Boogie cabinet recorded using a C414 in a great room sounds like, you're in luck.Read More…