Joeri Rammelaere
I'm a 19 year old Computer Science student at the University of Antwerp, with a broad knowledge of programming language. My main experience is with the C++ and Oberon-2 languages, though I also know other languages, such as Ruby and Haskell. I'm also very interested in both webdesign and webdevelopment.
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    Introduction to the Smarty Templating FrameworkSmarty preview
    Smarty is a PHP-based templating engine/framework. It allows you to further separate your business logic from its visualization, by removing as much PHP code as possible away from your views. Some developers and frameworks prefer not to use a templating engine, others do prefer them to using plain PHP in your views. Both points of view can be argued, and in the end, it's mostly a matter of taste. Anyway, it's never a bad idea to try it out before deciding not to use it, and that's what this tutorial is about: trying out the Smarty Templating Framework.Read More…