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Joel Falconer is the co-founder of public relations company Methodic Studios, publishes the gaming blog StartFrag, and is an editor at leading technology news site The Next Web. You can follow him on Twitter.
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    How to Create Rich Depth with Doubling TechniquesGuitar
    Depth by doubling. You can hear it in almost any song. Big, booming guitars and wide chorus vocals are just some of the most popular times that double tracking and fake doubling are pulled out of the trick bag and dropped into a mix. If your mixes sound hollow, empty, lifeless and small, you may need a bit more depth. Try one of these techniques and see if they work for you.Read More…
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    How to Use the Sound Cube to Plan Your RecordingGuitarist
    If you don’t lay down plans before you get into the studio, you’re asking for trouble. If you don't, the sounds are going to end up clashing for attention and the song is going to sound like it was thrown together unless you figure out what you’re doing in advance and plan accordingly. Which instruments will be up close, in your face, in the mix? Which ones will be far back? Which instruments will dominate the high frequency spectrum and which ones belong in the bottom? These are just a few opening thoughts, and by no means the whole shebang. But don’t despair, because today we’re going to go through a planning process that could save you hours (or days, or weeks) in the studio trying to fix problems that could have easily been avoided.Read More…
  • Music & Audio
    How to ReWire Individual Reason Instruments into Logic ProWire
    Reason doesn’t offer users the greatest control over sound processing. The built-in reverb, compressor and so on will do the trick when you want to start composing a new song, but what about when the composition is done and it’s time to mix? In this tutorial, we’ll go through the steps required to get your entire Reason rack routing into individual channels in Logic, a simple, handy process, but one that's a dark and mysterious art to many newcomers.Read More…
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    Win Great Prizes with the Be a Cakewalk Coach Competition!Cakewalk200
    To celebrate the release of pyro Audio Creator 1.5, Cakewalk has teamed up with AUDIOTUTS to bring you the Be a Cakewalk Coach! competition. Show off your ability to create cool video tutorials in true AUDIOTUTS style and you’ll be in the running to win a fantastic set of prizes.Read More…
  • Music & Audio
    10 Steps to a Practice Session that Gets ResultsPractice
    If you’re serious about your instrument, you practice. You either set aside blocks of time throughout the week or you trust yourself to pick up your guitar or start belting because you love doing it. There are notable examples of musicians who don’t practice—take Slash from Guns N’ Roses, for example—but they sure did before they reached their peak (and they’d probably grow as players if they took it up again). There’s just no getting around practice as an integral part of your continuing skill as an instrumentalist. Finger memory and fast chord changes, knowing your limits and expanding them, these are all things that come from dedicated, regular practice.Read More…
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    How to Create Professional Podcasts with GarageBandGbthumb
    We tend to focus on the production of music around here, but ever since we launched AUDIOTUTS we’ve had many requests for a tutorial on podcasting. This is that tutorial. GarageBand isn’t the most complicated or expensive piece of software around and it’s certainly never used in professional studio recording, but it’s more than you’ll ever need for any kind of podcast. And if you know you’re only going to record podcasts, and never get into music production, why break the bank?Read More…
  • Music & Audio
    Win an Mbox 2 Pro in the AudioJungle Composition ChallengeCompetition mbox2pro
    Over at AudioJungle, we're running a composition challenge. To enter, you take our motif in either MIDI or MP3 format, and incorporate it into your own composition - but the motif must remain the main theme of the track. The reward for your labors? The winning contestant gets a brand new Mbox 2 Pro, which is valued at US$799 and comes with Pro Tools LE. It's everything you need to make music at home.Read More…
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    What Do You Want? We Don't Know Until You Tell Us!Uservoice
    It can be pretty difficult to tell what you guys want to see here on AUDIOTUTS, whether we're talking about tutorials themselves, or new features for the site. Today, we're giving you a way to tell us. We're hoping that you guys will use this opportunity to let us know what you want, because it's a subject that matters to us just as much as it matters to you.Read More…
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    How to Automate Audio Tracks in Logic Pro 8Automation
    Automation is a very convenient feature of most modern digital audio workstations. When the record industry ran on miles of tape, there was no such thing as automation; it was all about manual knob-turning. We have it pretty easy in contrast. Automation allows you to draw in a set of events that will automatically occur when you play back the track. For instance, you can draw a set of volume changes along your guitar track to hear it creep in and out of the mix. You can also achieve that dynamic stereo panning effect, causing instruments to swoosh from speaker to speaker.Read More…
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    11 Totally Free VST Synthesizers That Sound GreatIstock 000003249219xsmall
    It can be hard to find a good synth plug-in, and there are plenty on the market that will have you wondering why you ever parted with your money. Fortunately, this list offers no such disappointments, because everything on it is totally free! These are all VST synths—while some developers may offer ports for other plug-in architectures, most don’t, so if your workstation of choice doesn’t support VST you might have a hard time finding something you can use here. That said, flick through the list and to each developer’s website and see if they have something that'll work for you.Read More…
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    50+ Great Lyric Writing ResourcesLyrics
    Want to get started writing your own lyrics? There’s a long way between the beginner’s "violets are red" debut and award-winning wordsmithing, so here’s a bunch of great resources to help get you on your way. Includes tools, how to guides, communities, recommended books and sources of inspiration.Read More…
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    15 Totally Free Reverb Plug-ins That Rock15reverb
    Reverb is an effect that you’ll find in any mix, and you can never have enough options when it comes to crafting the right reverberation for the sound. That’s why I’ve scoured the web to come up with this list of completely free plug-ins you can try. Some will say you can never get the same quality reverb with a free plug-in and others will say it doesn’t really matter, but at the end of the day it comes down to your taste and what sounds good in your mix. So, download a bunch and try them out!Read More…