Joe Mirabello
Joe Mirabello is currently a senior environment artist at 38 Studios. Over the past half decade Joe Mirabello has been able to wear many hats in the industry, focusing primarily as an environment artist, but also creating occasional character art, concept art, and helping out as a technical artist. He has contributed work to indie games, mass market novels, military/government contractors and Smithsonian documentaries. Throughout his career he has tried to give back as much as possible to the art community through lectures, tutorials, and helping moderate and the Dominance War, and Unearthly Challenge game art contests.
  • 3D & Motion Graphics
    Create a Futuristic Animated Computer Screen Shader in the Unreal 3 Editor200x200preview
    The Unreal 3 Editor is a powerful game development tool that ships free with most Unreal 3 games (Unreal Tournament, Gears of War, Roboblitz). It's quickly becoming a standard tool in the game development industry and is known for putting a lot of power directly in the artist's hands, particularly through it's node-based material editor. This tutorial offers an introduction to Unreal's material editor and assumes no prior knowledge of the tool, or the presence of any other tools but the editor itself. Through the creation of a 'flickering monitor' material (or “shader”), this tutorial will demonstrate some of the powerful things that are capable with the material editor. Read More…