Joe Casabona
Joe Casabona is a web developer, author, and teacher who focuses primarily on WordPress and mobile development. His latest book, Responsive Design with WordPress is out now. He is also a Yankee fan, plays the drums, and enjoys a fine cigar from time to time.
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    WordPress 3.2: What You Need to Know3.2thumb
    WordPress 3.2 (aka "Gershwin") came out on the 4th of July, and it features some radical new changes that you're going to want to know about. A new dashboard design, new default theme, and other enhanced admin features that make using it even easier to use - let's dive into the changes.Read More…
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    Rock-Solid WordPress 3.0 Themes using Custom Post Types200x200
    The WordPress community is buzzing with excitement over the soon-to-be-released WordPress 3.0. Currently in Beta 2 now, WordPress 3.0 will have a lot of exciting new features , such as a new default theme and better menu management. Quite possibly the most exciting of these features is custom post types. In this tutorial, we'll talk about creating and using custom post types to make a rock-solid theme.Read More…
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    Build Your First Facebook App200x200
    So you want to build a Facebook application and reach literally millions of users. Well luckily, writing an application using the API isn't too hard to learn (for the basics, anyway). In this tutorial we will write a Facebook app that generates a random quote to display on the user's profile. Read More…