Jesse Freeman
Hello, my name is Jesse Freeman and I am Brooklyn based Interactive Developer/Artist and Technical Architect at Roundarch.
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    An ImpactJS Overview: OptimizationImpactjs jessefreman series
    In this video I will discus some tips and tricks for optimizing your Impact games and how to get the best performance possible across desktop to mobile. I will cover ways to reduce draw calls, how to set up setting properties for your levels and other important things I have learned through trial and error while building games with Impact.Read More…
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    An ImpactJS Overview: DeploymentImpactjs jessefreman series
    Impact is an incredibly powerful HTML5 game framework and one of it's key advantages is its ability to run on many different platforms such as desktop browsers, mobile browser, as a native iOS or Win 8 Metro app, and on Chrome Market. In this video I will go over how I use Ant to automate building out versions of my game to each of these platforms and some things to keep in mind when you are looking into distributing your own game.Read More…
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    An ImpactJS Overview: Resident RaverImpactjs jessefreman series
    In this video I will briefly go over one of my Impact games, how I set up some of the core logic and discuss how Impact's level editor works. Creating games with Impact is incredibly straight forward but with the tips from this video you will get a sense of what a final game looks like, how it's organized as well as some helpful tricks when it comes to working with the level editor.Read More…
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    An ImpactJS Overview: IntroductionImpactjs jessefreman series
    Impact is an incredibly powerful HTML5 game framework which takes advantage of modern browser's canvas element and can also run on mobile or be compile into a native iOS app. In this video I will go over the framework, how to set up a project, some background into how to create classes in it and finally go over the core classes that make up the framework. This is a high level overview which will give you a general sense for how things work.Read More…
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    Match Hack: Completion and DeploymentPreview 200
    Welcome to the concluding parts of my Match Hack Development Diary. In them, I'll demonstrate a few of the final game features, then walk through app distribution to the Android and Chrome marketplaces. We'll finish off by taking a look at device testing with AIR for iOS.Read More…
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    Match Hack: Development DiaryPreview 200
    In between a few of my projects I decided I needed to build a simple game that I could get out to the app markets quickly. Sometimes you need a minor victory to like this to keep you motivated on a larger project. So I came up with an idea to reuse some graphics from the RPG TileCruasder and came up with MatchHack, a simple matching game with some RPG elements.Read More…
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    Quick Tip: Organizing SDKs and Overlaying AIRPreview1
    In this quick video I go over how to overlay some of the Beta AIR SDK files into your own build and cover how I organize my SDKs.Read More…
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    Introduction to AntPilePreview
    AntPile is an open source project I started to help Flash developers get up and running with Ant quickly. AntPile is a collection of Ant Scripts which cover everything from building a SWF, SWC, AIR, Android and even Unit Testing. The source code can be found at More…
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    Pushing Pixels: Blitting for Desktop, Web and MobileGame development
    This is a talk which I recently gave at RIA Unleashed. It’s about advanced blitting for desktop, web and mobile. I’m going to look closely at inspiration as I don’t often get to talk about what inspires me in my day-to-day work.Read More…
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    Building Frogger with Flixel: Movement, Collision and DeploymentPreview2
    This is the second of two tutorials detailing how to use Flixel to build Frogger for the web and AIR on Android.Read More…
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    Building Frogger with Flixel: Game Basics and SpritesPreview1
    This is part one of two tutorials detailing how to use Fixel to build Frogger for the web and AIR on Android.Read More…
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    Flash for Android: Flixel Frogger on Nexus One and HTC EvoPreview frogger
    In this screencast I show off how Frogger, which I built using Flixel, runs on a Nexus One with Android 2.2 and a HTC EVO running 2.1. Both play the same but the EVO feels more responsive due to the better touch response and larger screen.Read More…