Jennifer Carrigan
Jennifer is a freelance writer and editor residing somewhere in Seattle, and she occasionally moonlights as a "lifestyle" photographer. Jennifer enjoys exploring new techniques and is, as of early 2011, teaching herself about product and commercial photography.
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    A Simple Solution to White Balance and Exposure: The 18% Gray CardPreview
    An 18% gray card is a handy accessory that every serious photographer should keep in their bag. It doesn't cost much and it barely takes up any space. If you encounter a situation where you have mixed lights, this unassuming piece of plastic helps you determine the white balance. It can also be used to determine the correct exposure.Read More…
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    The Official 2011 Phototuts+ Holiday Gift GuidePreview
    The holidays are coming. It’s nearly that time of year to break out mulled spiced cider and flip through catalogs for ideas. Are you in need of a gift for that special photographer in your life? Or do you just help writing a wish list to send to Santa? Whether your budget is big or small, we’ve got you covered in this year's Phototuts+ Gift Guide!Read More…
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    A Step-By-Step Guide to Shooting Your First Product PhotographPreview
    Today, we'll be taking a walkthrough simple product shoot. This type of photography is in some demand on stock photography sites and is perfect for showcasing an item in order to sell it on Ebay or Etsy. As reported our recent still life article, once you've mastered this type of photography, it can be personally rewarding and pay very well.Read More…
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    A Guide to Perfect Portrait Posing and MorePreview
    As an aspiring-to-go-pro photographer or a casual shooter, it's important to understand the basics of portrait photography, whether your posing a spouse, child, friend or a bona fide model. Not only will your images seem more professional and polished, your model will look more attractive.Read More…
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    DIY Grid and Snoot - And What They DoPreview finished13
    The list of accessories a photographer could use is virtually endless, and in this economy, some of us don't have the extra money. Luckily, there are a number of way to reproduce many of these accessories at home on a budget. This tutorial/article addresses a couple of these flash accessories, why it's useful to have it in your gear bag and how you can manufacture your DIY version at home. Read More…