Jeffrey Way
I used to be the editor of Nettuts+ and head of web development courses at Tuts+.
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    Password-Protect Folders in Seconds With .htaccessPassword protect folders
    In this lesson, I'll demonstrate how easy it is to password protect folders with Apache. There will often be situations when you don't need to build a full authentication system from scratch.Read More…
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    The Power of Laravel GeneratorsCode
    Those of us who use Laravel on a daily basis will be quite familiar with migrations. The only problem is that, when we run php artisan migration:make, only a bit of boilerplate code is generated for us. Wouldn't it be amazing if we could also generate the schema for both the up and down functions? How much time would that save!?Read More…
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    Test-Driven Development in PHP: First StepsTdd in php
    Let's admit it: the PHP community has lagged a bit, when it comes to advocating test-driven development. We know we should, but, even to this day, a sizable portion of the community does not. In this new series of videos and tutorials, created by the Nettuts+ team, we're hoping to change that. Trust me: it's not as tough as you think. Read More…
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    A Visual Guide to Styling the Terminal in MinutesCode
    One of the questions that I am asked about most frequently relates to how I styled my Terminal. In this video, I encourage you to follow along with me, as we get everything setup from scratch.Read More…
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    PHP Database Access: Are You Doing It Correctly?Php pdo
    We've covered PHP's PDO API a couple of times here on Nettuts+, but, generally, those articles focused more on the theory, and less on the application. This article will fix that! To put it plainly, if you're still using PHP's old mysql API to connect to your databases, read on!Read More…
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    Coda 2: Reviewed200x200
    Well, it happened; Panic finally released the long-awaited version two of their popular code editor, Coda. But does it live up to the hype? Well, that depends on what type of coder you are. Read the full review after the jump!Read More…
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    Quick Tip: What Exactly is Web Hosting?Preview 1
    Tired of the "techie" trying to explain to you what web hosting is all about from his bedroom-recorded Skype video? Ever get confused with all the funny terms they drop, like "Shared Hosting" and "Dedicated Servers"? We've all been there at one point or another! Well, the guys over at InMotion Hosting created a quick, visual guide that will get you up and running with the jargon in no time! Read More…
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    Are You Using CoffeeScript?Code
    There’s no two ways about it: the web development industry can be incredibly tough. It’s one that requires us to continuously educate ourselves throughout our careers. Take a few years off, and, suddenly, you’ll find yourself buried by new frameworks, tools, best practices, and preprocessors. That’s right, kiddies, if you want to be a web developer, you better be okay with the idea that your schooling will never end (and you shouldn’t want it to).Read More…
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    Reshaping Our Perception of SuccessJob titles
    Over the course of these last two weeks, I had the pleasure of attending an Envato meetup/conference in Malaysia. As you might expect, Envato is composed of ridiculously smart and talented folks…folks so smart that it quickly becomes intimidating! But I’m not here to talk about the conference specifically; instead, I’d prefer to ramble a bit on one of my largest takeaways from the event.Read More…
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    Why Wine and Macbooks Don't Mix...and How to Handle the AftermathDrinkspillonlaptop
    Ready for a revelation? A concept that you've never considered before? Well here it is: never ever, ever pour a glass of wine into your Macbook keyboard. Or, more practically put, be extremely careful when there's a drink of any kind near your laptop. If a spill occurs, and you don't act quickly enough, you'll find yourself staring at a massive bill for a new logic board, hard-drive, battery, and anything in between. Accidents do happen -- so plan on it. What's more important is that you learn exactly what to do when these spills inevitably occur. Read More…
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    Lightning Fast Folder and File Creation in Sublime Text 2Lightning file creation in sublime text 2
    I'm frequently asked about how I'm able to create new directory structures and files so quickly in Sublime Text 2. Well the answer is that this functionality is not offered natively; instead, I use a helpful plugin. I'll demonstrate it in this video.Read More…
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    Top 10 Pitfalls When Switching to VimTop 10 pitfalls when switching to vim
    Admit it: every time you see a person using Vim, you consider the possibility that they know something you don't. Why else would they be using an editor that, in your mind, is dated, open-source junk? Think what you wish, but there's a reason why top developers swear by Vim. Read More…