Jeffrey Selin
Jeffrey Selin is a writer in Portland, Ore., and the director of Writers' Dojo. He has over 15 years of marketing experience and is an expert of ecommerce shopping cart software, email marketing, and other web software technologies.
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    Writing Email Copy That Turns Into SalesDirect sales1
    For many of us heavily invested in eCommerce, the an economic recession has one positive spin: it bolsters and quickens our culture’s direction online. We are increasingly moving to the Web not just for product research, but actual browsing and buying. This year, more shoppers are comfortably online for all the reasons we expect: 24/7 access, no lines, gas prices, convenience. In terms of marketing, online sales success is also thanks to well-crafted offers and promotions like free shipping and discounts that quickly expire. These are delivered through the simple, workaday effort of links in emails. Despite issues with spam, email is still a hardworking champion for sales and currently the ultimate marketing delivery vehicle for an online audience.Read More…