Jeff Huang
Jeff Huang is a twenty-one year old graphic artist and illustrator residing in New York City, USA. He specializes mainly in digital illustration and photo manipulation, with knowledge in 3D modeling & animation and motion graphics & compositing. A diverse artist, Jeff demonstrates many styles. You can find his body of work to be a blend of genres such as traditional street art and graffiti, surrealism, digital matte-painting, 2D Illustration, and 3D abstracts.
  • Design & Illustration
    Incorporating Surrealism Concepts into Your Digital ArtworkPreview
    Have you ever wanted to incorporate Surreal concepts into your artwork, but weren't sure how to approach it? In this article, I share my personal pipeline for fusing Surrealist notions with my imagination to create fresh work. Learn to unleash your mind, capture your dreams, and fuse wild ideas into well crafted digital works of art through experimentation, planning, and execution.Read More…
  • Design & Illustration
    How to Create Otherworldly 3D Composited ArtworkDesign and illustration
    Though I am a diverse artist who works in many styles, my forte has always been mixing 3D elements with photos to create surreal artwork. If you're interested in such artwork but had no idea how they are done, here is your step through that door.Read More…