Jean Pluvinage
  • Design & Illustration
    A Look Inside InDesign CS5T0
    InDesign CS5 has arrived with lot of new tools, panels and features. Let's have a closer look at these changes and discover how they can improve our workflow, productivity and, best of all, our creative process. Time to also think outside of the box, since InDesign is starting to explore new grounds of interactivity and digital publications with growing enthusiasm. So, what's new?Read More…
  • Design & Illustration
    Quick Tip: How to Make Running Headers in Adobe InDesignThumbnail
    There are running headers in dictionaries, telephone lists, catalogues, guides and many other publications that need to inform the first and last instance of a list of terms on each page. That quick and useful way of finding words can be made with InDesign in a simple way, by uniting text variables with paragraph and character styles. Let's see how!Read More…