Jay Leffue
Hello, I’m a web application developer living in the Tampa Bay area for the past six years. I am much more a programmer than I am a designer, but I try to find that happy point between usability and visual style as much as possible (but I will be the first to admit my graphical weakness’). I always try to push what a web application can achieve, and right now it seems like Flex is the engine that has the most promise although my work has included webservices, ajax, jquery, and too many other web technologies to mention.
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    Dynamic Advanced Long Lists with FlexPreview
    This tutorial demonstrates how a developer can easily extend the prepackaged Flex library classes to achieve superior user interface results. In this case, we'll be creating an advanced datagrid which can make insanely long lists into manageable chunks and display them as paged lists. This tutorial deals with primarily AS3, but has a dose of php and mySQL to support back end functionality. The application will be able to store and recall the list's shown columns, current page, sort orders and sort fields. Let's go..Read More…