Jason Witt
My name is Jason Witt. I'm a front end Web Designer and Developer specializing in Wordpress and CSS Optimization.
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    Display PHP Errors as WordPress Admin AlertsImg wp tuts
    The PHP language is widely adopted for many web applications like WordPress. As powerful as PHP is it does have some drawbacks, but one of the my favorite features of PHP is that it will display errors right on the web page. The new toolbar that was introduced in WordPress 3.3 interferes with this functionality. The toolbar has a fixed absolute position which covers the first few lines of PHP errors. Read More…
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    How to Setup a WordPress Development Environment for WindowsImg wp tuts
    Having a local WordPress test environment is essential for developing themes, plugins, and updating sites. The last thing you want to do is update a live site or install a plugin that completely breaks the site. In this tutorial I'm going to take you through the steps that will give you a local WordPress environment that will allow you to safely and efficiently develop for WordPress. Read More…
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    How to Disable the Admin Bar in WordPress 3.3Img wp tuts
    WordPress (Sonny) version 3.3 was just released last night. Half asleep, I downloaded the new version, set up my database, and installed it. Fancy new welcome, I like it. Then, I went and configured my settings just the way I like it. Fix the tagline, set the permalinks (Look, %postname%, awesome, awesome to the max), set the date and time format, etc. etc. Then I disabled the admin-bar. Clicked "Update Profile". Great! Hey, wait a minute. The admin-bar is still there!? What the [Insert Expletive]!Read More…
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    The Ins and Outs of The Enqueue Script For WordPress Themes and PluginsIml ami wp tuts
    The wp_enqueue_script function is the best solution for loading JavaScript files into your WordPress site. If you're developing a theme that uses JavaScript or JavaScript Libraries, the wp_enqueue_script function is the way to go. If you haven't really used this before though, it can be confusions... so today, we'll be taking an in depth look into how to properly load scripts into your theme or plugin using the enqueue function.Read More…