Jason Morrison
Jason Morrison is a 30-something dad, photographer, and graphic designer who enjoys Mexican food and debating the best method for surviving a zombie outbreak. He co-authored New Masters of Photoshop: Volume 2, has been published in several magazines and books, as well as winning numerous local and national awards. His Photoshop resources have appeared in magazines such as Photoshop Creative and ImagineFX. His photography can be viewed at www.jaymarphotography.com or on his blog at www.dubtastic.com.
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    Make Your Subject Stand Out With a Rim Lighting EffectPreview
    I have long been a fan of rim lighting and, given the opportunity, would prefer to use it over a single light source. Rim lighting, which is often referred to as back light or even hair lights, is simply light placed on your subject which gives the appearance of a light outline. This technique pulls the subject off the background and offers some depth and dimension to what you are shooting. This article outlines how to setup your lights to achieve such an effect and also covers some simple post-processing to help improve the final product.Read More…