Jaron Franklin Fort
I am a young and independent music producer who loves everything about technology and computers. I am 23 years old. I first started programming right before my 23rd birthday. I hope one day to have my own company that deals with technology and music.
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    Look Up Movies With Flash and the Rotten Tomatoes APICode
    For some time now I've used Flixter and Rotten Tomatoes to find out which movies were worth watching. Today Rotten Tomatoes is my number one source for obtaining information about a particular film. When I discovered that Rotten Tomatoes had an open API, I knew that this was a perfect opportunity to demonstrate Flash's capabilities to connect with remote services. In this tutorial you will learn how to interact with the Rotten Tomatoes API, as we put together an efficient library that is easy to use and can quickly be expanded.Read More…
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    Drawing Beautiful Components With Code - Made EasyDefault image
    Most programmers have never touched design. If you have always wanted to beautiful graphics in your Flash projects but never knew how to use Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, this tutorial is for you. Nice graphics can be created entirely with code. Drawing graphics for components with code even has a few advantages.Read More…
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    Create a Flexible XMPP Chat for a Member-Based Website With Flash and PHPXmpp flash chat
    We'll be looking at how to create a XMPP chat application that can be used in many different scenarios. You'll learn how to integrate an external database with Ignite Realtime's Openfire Jabber Server and how to use the XIFF library to create custom XMPP extensions that can be used to send custom data across a network.Read More…
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    Automatically Tag Photos with the AS3 Face Recognition LibraryDefault
    The Face Recognition Library can be an incredible library if used correctly. It has the ability not only to detect faces in an image but also to recognize who the face belongs to in an image. The library's face detector object crops a single face within an image, but in this tutorial you will learn a quick workaround that will allow you to crop multiple faces within an image. We'll create editable tags that a user can adjust after loading an image into the application.Read More…