Jared Counts
I'm a student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Before, I programmed interactive toys and physics simulations as a hobby. My portfolio is at http://jaredcounts.com and you can find me on Twitter: @BlueThen
  • Game Development
    Simulate Tearable Cloth and Ragdolls With Simple Verlet IntegrationPreview
    Soft body dynamics is about simulating realistic deformable objects. We'll use it here to simulate a tearable cloth curtain and a set of ragdolls that you can interact with and fling around the screen. It'll be fast, stable, and simple enough to do with high school level mathematics.Read More…
  • Game Development
    Coding Destructible Pixel Terrain: How to Make Everything ExplodePreview
    In this tutorial, we'll implement fully destructible pixel terrain, in the style of games like Cortex Command and Worms. You'll learn how to make the world explode wherever you shoot it - and how to make the "dust" settle on the ground to create new land.Read More…