Japh Thomson
Japh is the WordPress Evangelist and Wptuts+ Editor at Envato. He has been doing website development and training for over 15 years, and specialises in WordPress, PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript. He also enjoys working with APIs. Follow @Japh on Twitter
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    Adaptive Blog Theme: Session Complete!Adaptive preview
    We've reached the end of our Adaptive Blog Theme Session - what a session it's been! If you've followed along from the beginning; starting off in Photoshop, through to HTML, CSS and ultimately into WordPress development, hats off to you. If you've yet to dive in, take a look at what's in store for you..Read More…
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    Learning How to Contribute to WordPress: Getting StartedLearning how to contribute to wordpress
    It's now 2013, and the WordPress 3.6 development cycle is about to begin. Whenever I talk with other developers about contributing to the WordPress software itself, I often find their impression is that it's difficult to get involved. It's actually not as difficult as it might seem, but things are always easy when you know how. So let's dive in and try and make this easy for everyone.Read More…
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    Quick Tip: Customising and Simplifying the WordPress Admin for Your ClientsSimplifying the wordpress admin for your clients
    When you're building a website for your client, sometimes there are parts of the WordPress admin that you don't need them to be able to access. In fact, if they don't need to access them, why not get them out of the way and simplify the admin for your client. Here's how...Read More…
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    Adaptive Blog Theme: From Photoshop to WordPressAdaptive wordpress thumb 00
    Continuing on with the Webdesigntuts+ session "From Photoshop to WordPress", we commence the WordPress portion here on Wptuts+. You can start from the beginning of Adi Purdila's session, "Adaptive Blog Theme: From Photoshop to WordPress", covering everything from setting up a baseline grid in Photoshop, working with adaptive layouts, to refining your coding workflow. Once you've completed that part of the session, come back here to proceed with Beginning Theme Development.Read More…
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    Building the Favorite Plugins PluginBuilding the favorite plugins plugin
    Now that it's possible to favorite plugins on WordPress.org, wouldn't it be great to be able to make your favorites available for speedy install from within the WordPress dashboard? Let's build a plugin to do just that!Read More…
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    WANTED: WordPress Professionals With a Passion for Education. Enquire Within.Writefortuts
    Are you an experienced WordPress professional with a desire to educate others on standards and best practices? If so, we'd like to speak with you about writing for Wptuts+ 1-4 times per month. We'd like you to submit at least one article a month, and you're free to choose your topics, as long as they appeal to our audience. This is a paid job. If you're interesting in helping educate others in The WordPress Way, read on.Read More…
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    WordPress 3.5 Beta 1 Wants You!Wordpresswantsyou
    WordPress 3.5 Beta 1 has just been released, and hopefully you're excited for all the new features that are nearly ready for the full release of WordPress 3.5. But first, we need your help!Read More…
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    Perfect Workflow in Sublime Text: Free Course!200x200
    I'm very happy to announce that Jeffrey Way's latest course is now out on Tuts+ Premium...and it's free for everyone! Jeffrey is a code editor addict, he's tried them all! He adopted Coda early on, fell in love with TextMate, and got infatuated with Vim. Until he discovered Sublime Text 2, which he says is the best code editor you can find today.Read More…
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    State of the Word - WordCamp San Francisco 2012 - Live BlogState of the word
    Welcome to Wptuts+ coverage of Matt Mullenweg's "State of the Word" Keynote at WordCamp San Francisco 2012. We’ll be keeping you updated in real-time. You can see when things kick off in your time zone, so stay tuned!Read More…
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    The Journey to WordPress 3.5 BeginsPreview
    Hopefully by now, all your WordPress installations are successfully upgraded to version 3.4. One of the most exciting things about a version release is that work can then begin on the next version! Here's a sneaky preview of what was discussed in the latest dev chat scoping session for WordPress 3.5.Read More…
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    WordCamp Sydney, July 21-22 - Hope I See You There!Wordcampsydneyattendee preview
    WordCamps are happening all over the world. There are 27 scheduled for the second half of this year according to the WordCamp Central site. So what are they, and why should you attend?Read More…
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    WordPress 3.4 Has Arrived... Now What?Preview
    We posted last week about the upcoming features to look out for in WordPress 3.4, and yesterday it was released. That's right, WordPress 3.4 "Green" is out right now! So what happens next?Read More…