Japh is a WordPress Evangelist for Envato, the Editor of Wptuts+, and a freelance web developer. He has been doing website development and training for over 13 years, and specialises in PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript. He also enjoys working with WordPress and APIs.
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    7 Simple and Useful Command-Line TipsTerminals
    One of the most useful, but under-used, tools a web developer has is the command-line. The terminal often scares people away; so here's where we demonstrate some of the most useful day-to-day commands.Read More…
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    Create a Slick Flickr Gallery with SimplePie200x200
    I've wanted to write a tutorial for quite some time now, and APIs have always been a particular interest of mine. So with my wife's recent foray into photography, I decided a Flickr tutorial would be first cab off the rank! Using RSS, Flickr and jQuery all together was pretty fun too.Read More…