Janet Wagner
I'm a highly driven, passionate Web Developer / Designer that builds websites using the latest web technologies and standards. I've been working in the Web Development / Design Industry for over 7 years and for the past few years I've been a Self-Employed Web Developer / Designer based in Toledo, Ohio.
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    The Principles of Web API UsagePrinciples of web api usage 1
    Not too long ago, I wrote an article about "The Increasing Importance of APIs in Web Development." As a follow-up, today, I'll cover the basics of using Web APIs. Read More…
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    How to Create a Time Based CSS Style Sheet SwitcherPreview
    Style switchers have become a popular feature on websites these days. CSS style sheets allow a Web Designer to change the look and feel of a website with little effort. Some sites use "Day" and "Night" type of style switchers that automatically change the site theme based on the time of day. This tutorial shows you how to create a time based CSS style sheet switcher using PHP that lets you change multiple style sheets at once at specific times of the day. There's also a little bit of jQuery UI thrown in just for fun! Read More…
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    A Massive Guide to Custom Theming jQuery UI WidgetsCode
    jQuery UI is an open source library of interface components that features interactions, animation effects and ready-to-use widgets. jQuery UI is based on the jQuery JavaScript library and is themeable, which makes integrating jQuery UI easy for developers of any skill level to integrate into their web pages and applications.Read More…
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    The Increasing Importance of APIs in Web DevelopmentPreview
    Web APIs have experienced an exponential increase in popularity and usage in the past few years. These days, they're an important tool for web developers; however, they are also even becoming an effective marketing tool for many types of businesses. This article covers Web API statistics, their benefits, and a list of some of the most useful APIs currently available. Read More…
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    How to Create an HTML5 Microdata Powered Resume Profile
    In May 2009, Google introduced Rich Snippets, a small block of information displayed in Google's search engine results to make it easier for users to decide which pages are relevant to their search. In June 2011, Google announced the creation of Schema.org, a new initiative from Google, Bing and Yahoo! that aims to improve the web by creating structured data markup schema. This tutorial demonstrates how to create an online resume that incorporates Schema.org Microdata. The tutorial also includes instructions on how to use Authorship Markup!Read More…
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    How to Create an Advanced Twitter WidgetPreview
    As of March 2011, the current average number of "Tweets" the world sends per day is 140 million. This tutorial demonstrates how to create a custom Twitter widget from scratch that uses the Twitter API, Web Intents and @Anywhere. Using the Twitter platform to create a fun, interactive tool for your website can be beneficial both in the learning and promotion departments! Read More…