James Duquenoy
Web developer and designer, most interested in CSS3, PHP and MySQL, also on Themeforest, or find me on Twitter @SeptimusFossett. My blog: webtechgadgetry.com
  • Web Design
    Quick Tip: Give Your Website an iOS Home Screen IconNew waffle
    With more mobile web users than ever, it's important to keep your branding strong. Let's go one step further than the standard favicon and help your website stand out by creating icons for use on iOS and Android home screens.Read More…
  • Web Design
    CSS Sprite Sheets: Best Practices, Tools and Helpful ApplicationsPrev
    Using CSS sprites, instead of a collection of smaller individual images, will improve your web pages' performance and keep things more organized. Let's take a look at some best practices and some helpful tools for your sprite-making workflow.Read More…
  • Web Design
    Improving 404 Page DesignPreview
    If a visitor gets to see your standard 404 error page, there's a danger that they won't be hanging around long to see what else your site offers. A custom 404 page, one which is inviting and helpful, will encourage your visitors to look further into your site instead of drifting off elsewhere.Read More…