Jaime Mintun
Jaime Mintun specializes in managing multi-million dollar launches for authors, speakers and mega-brands while traipsing around the world collecting luggage tags. She also coaches freelancers. Download her FREE “Freelancer's Sales & Marketing Handbook.” Includes Complete Step-By-Step Client-Converting Sales Funnel.
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    From Freelancer to Thought Leader in 5 Easy StepsFotolia 6271189 subscription xl
    Why would a freelancer want to establish herself as a thought leader in her industry or client niche? Well even for the most bashful of us, the day often (and quickly!) arrives when pushing hours for dollars or pounds just doesn't quite cut it anymore. I'm not saying everyone will be interested in this path. But if you are, then this article may just become your road map!.Ask yourself: What if you had an additional option for making money that steadily grew over time, reinforced your freelancing efforts, landed you more clients, and required less and less of your time? Yeah, it sounded good to me too. That's why my client projects now take up less than 50% of my time and I focus the rest of my efforts on my own business, which includes establishing myself as a thought leader in my two primary industries: freelancing and women’s empowerment. This dual focus has given me the success and financial freedom to travel this past year full-time and without paid work. Here's how I did it and how you can too.Read More…
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    The Secret to Landing Clients Nearly 100% of the TimeSuccesskey
    And How a Little Experiment Turned into a Multi-Million Dollar Enterprise Sure, pushing papers for the Big Boss mortifies us. But every freelancer knows that calling our own shots isn’t pure bliss either. I don’t know about you, but on at least two occasions, I’ve nervously looked “bankruptcy” in the face and by pure luck or karma, bypassed it by mere centimeters. In my more cautious years, I’ve learned to develop systems, test them, then expand them. Yes, this even applies to freelancing. How? Because turning a prospect into a client is a process-based on a system. Identifying deliverables and executing campaigns for a client is a series of tasks based on a system. Create the right system and you can almost flawlessly guarantee success and satisfaction every time. It was in the spirit of such experimentation that I stumbled upon the singular system largely responsible for turning my struggling personal consultancy into a multi-million dollar venture that is scheduled to land and manage over 100 projects every month and has won clients like the NFL, BlogTalkRadio, and best selling authors like Christine Comaford-Lynch.Read More…