Jacob Zinman-Jeanes
I'm a graphic designer, illustrator and musician currently living in Melbourne, Australia.
  • Design & Illustration
    How to Design a Folky Gig Poster in Adobe IllustratorPreview poster
    In this tutorial, I'll show you how to use Adobe Illustrator and Wacom Intuos Pro tablet to design and illustrate a poster for a folk music and poetry show.Read More…
  • Design & Illustration
    How to Design a Weathered Illustrative Logo Set in Adobe IllustratorPreview logos
    Design a logo with illustrated icons for an artisan bakery using a Wacom Intuos Pro tablet in Adobe Illustrator. Read More…
  • Design & Illustration
    Why I Don’t Have HobbiesHobbies 4
    It isn’t the concept of a hobby that I find disagreeable, it’s the implication of the word. Calling my pursuits ‘hobbies’ minimises accountability, minimises the effect of failure, and maybe even minimises the personal value that I assign to those pursuits. A hobby is a mindset of which I want no part.Read More…