Jacob Owens
It all began when Jake was 6-years-old when he started making films with his uncle’s video camera. Throw in the fact that he had hamsters as pets all of his life; it was inevitable for Jake to create an epic trilogy about Copain The Hamster and his journey from Paris to Halifax. With a collection of effects-driven shorts, Halifax began taking notice of his specialization with compositing, green screen work, on-set FX direction and motion graphics. Jake was soon snatched up by Hatch Post to shine a light on Halifax in the world of visual effects and the advertising scene.
  • 3D & Motion Graphics
    Double Stuffed Tracking WalkthroughAetuts retina double stuff tracking
    We've seen lots of tutorials on how to do basic planar tracking, but this tutorial demonstrates how to use 2D planar tracking and 3d tracking together. We'll use this technique to create 3d graphics that pop off a board held by the author as he walks.Read More…