• Design & Illustration
    The Making of Lost - Part 2Preview
    In this second tutorial of this two part series, we will add a background and enhance the image with Photoshop effects. Keep in mind that a key to succeed in following this tutorial series is to experiment. I will be teaching the basic techniques but in order to create a strong composition and attractive shapes, you will need to alter the settings, and experiment with other effects. Patience and determination are mandatory skills for any artist. So let's finish this image!Read More…
  • 3D & Motion Graphics
    The Making of Lost - Part 1Preview
    In this tutorial series, I will be covering the basic process of how I created my piece "lost." The first part of this two part series covers the basics of creating 3D abstract pieces and how to incorporate them with photo manipulation; the second part will focus on the creation of effects in Photoshop and how to enhance and strengthen the final image.Read More…